Monday, November 8, 2010

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I got a call from an engaged young couple who is planning to get married in Hawaii & wanted to use our pandan or lauhala favors for their destination wedding.
They told me how they met in school, became friends and the rest is history---Told me about their first date & "First Kiss". How romantic!
I was trying to find the perfect song about "First Kiss" but could not find one, except this one--in Filipino language---"Unang Halik" (First Kiss)
Can anyone please do an english translation. Please email to
One thing I love with my career is that I deal with people so full of love and ready to commit to each other.  You can see the sparkle in their eyes, the glow in their smiles---they are so much in love!  It gives me an inspiration that being in love can always bring out the best in you.
Best wishes!
 "First Kiss" (Unang Halik)

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